Call for paper and dates

ISSSE will be held in conjunction with AT-RASC 2018 conference. Papers for ISSSE have to be be submitted through AT-RASC website.

Authors will be asked to submit their papers via the URSI AT-RASC online submission system by January 10th, 2018 at (23:59 CET). See for more informations

The official language of ISSSE is English.

Scientific papers as well as posters in any area of interest to the URSI Commissions C and D will be considered. These papers must present original contributions and will be published in IEEExplore.

  • General topics for Commission C

C.1 Cognitive radio and software defined radio
C.2 Distributed sensor networks and sensors array processing
C.3 Energy-efficient cognitive radio communications
C.4 Information theory, coding, modulation and detection
C.5 Novel radio communication systems
C.6 Quantum networks
C.7 Signal processing, including physics-based signal processing
C.8 Small cells for 5G and related technologies
C.9 Spectrum and medium utilization
C.10 Wireless networking, including broadband ubiquitous systems
C.11 5G relocation systems
C.12 Other

  • General topics for Commission D

D.1 Metamaterials for Applications from microwaves to optical waves
D.2 Microwave Photonics
D.3 Additive manufacturing for microwave, millimeter wave and THz electronics
D.4 Optical wireless communication
D.5 Ultrafast optics
D.6 Optical signal processing
D.7 Micro/nanodevices, memristive devices and systems, including RFMEMS and NEMS
D.8 Plasmonics
D.9 Devices and systems for backscatter communication and sensing
D.10 Electronics and photonics for 5G wireless systems
D.11 Energy harvesting and wireless power transmission
D.12 Wireless identification and sensing from radio to optical waves
D.13 THz and millimeter wave electronics for sensing, imaging and communication
D.14 Other